About Us

Who We Are

Our core focus is to equip engineers with the tools needed to fully automate production lines, which they can control and manage using advanced manufacturing techniques. When combined with BEMES, our workflow management tool, we can deliver a fully integrated production environment to meet quality objectives.

Our diverse team comprises skilled systems integrators, cloud developers, and mechatronics engineers, all ready to provide expert consulting services or collaborate closely to deliver bespoke solutions to solve real-world problems.

Beyond engineering, we are dedicated partners, collaborating with companies to deliver innovative solutions in the dynamic landscape of automated production.

SoftWire Systems specialises in providing test and automation solutions for highly regulated industries.


Advanced Manufacturing Excellence

Our mission at SoftWire Systems is to empower manufacturers with the tools needed to develop quality outcomes, through data-driven decisions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration

At SoftWire Systems, we value expertise, collaboration, and dedication.

We are committed partners, collaborating with domestic and international clients to deliver innovative solutions.


Innovate and Collaborate

SoftWire Systems envisions a future where Australian engineers are global leaders in the leveraging data for optimising manufacturing processes.



As SoftWire Systems grows, we’re on the lookout for skilled systems integrators and mechatronics engineers to join us.

Come be part of our dynamic team and contribute to our success.

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